Medtronic's Cardio Rhythm Management (CRM) worked with us to utilize the Critical Chain Project Management solution on a key new portable defibrillator product - shortening development cycle time by ~ 20%.

From concept to volume manufacturing of a "disruptive" product - new technology - at the time the world's fastest spinning hard drive.   Completed the project 5 weeks ahead of schedule, generating additional incremental revenue of $11 million with $5 million in additional profit.

Sample client results ...

Lucent Technologies 5ESS more than tripled development project capacity (5 to 17), reduced new product introduction intervals by 50%, with 100% of projects completing ahead of schedule.  Improved revenue by 30% - multi-million dollar profit improvement.

Herman Miller is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of Office Systems - including the famous Aeron Chair.  ARC was asked to assist the Herman Miller Resolve Project Team reduce the lead-time on their new Resolve furniture line (from concept to volume manufacturing) from 24 months to 18 months.  The result?  The entire multi-unit product line was ready for volume manufacturing in 12 months - with fewer resources than originally planned.

The space shuttle could go approximately 300 miles up into space.  A geosynchronous satellite goes 22,300 miles up.  Getting it there is a non-trivial project.  Boeing Space & Intelligence utilized the Critical Chain Project Management solution, with the enterprise software platform Concerto from Realization Technologies, to significantly shorten the time from design to launch - saving millions of dollars in this competitive, DOD, cost+ based environment.