ARC Turnaround Practice: Real solutions to real problems in the real world.

Yes, turnaround management is a serious business.  Banks, investors, suppliers, customers, employees, other stakeholders ... sometimes bad things happen to good companies.  But companies don’t wake up one morning in bankruptcy.  Usually, there is a period of decline (perhaps a short period) during which extraordinary, triage efforts could have saved the company.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult to address this from the inside - often due to internal management strife, lack of particular skills, or simply being too close to the problem.

​The ARC turnaround practice specializes in the revitalization and corporate renewal of established companies as well as assisting in the start up phases for new ventures.  ARC assists companies in securing financing, investments and leverage buy-outs in addition to providing management support and infrastructure.  ARC, through its network of private investors, banks, equity funds and venture capitalists, is able to provide many companies with the necessary capital to stabilize operations and then move the company back into a positive direction.  ARC partners and associates are experienced professionals who understand the issues faced by companies, how to right the ship and effectively set a new course toward profitability.  Leadership is what we excel in and execution is what we do.

TI&OE Factor Approach

Through our TI&OE Factor approach, we uniquely blend the qualities of conventional business understanding with the proven break-through solutions of constraint management and other fields to effectively create a common sense, process-driven, disciplined organization ready to face current and future challenges.

Many people have read the book The Goal by Dr. Eli Goldratt.  Many people can easily emphathize with the book’s main character, Alex Rogo.  What many don’t fully realize is that Alex Rogo led his company through a revitalization - a turn-around.  Alex turned his company around in 90 days.  This is what Alex Rogo Consulting does for business.

Our TI&OE Factor approach allows us to view an organization systemically - to view the actions and areas that impact throughput, investment and operating expenses, and make decisions that will have the greatest possible impact on these areas.  By focusing on those three areas, and through the use of constraint management approaches like those found in the best selling book The Goal, ARV quickly cuts through the fog, bureaucracy, and confusion often in existence in troubled companies.

Through our independent assessment, stabilization and course setting strategies, we can get an organization back on the course to profitability.

We are brought in by sitting management, owners, boards, bankruptcy courts, investors, banks - any stakeholder with the authority and the wisdom to know when they need assistance.

If you are company in need or a financial organization with a partner in need of fast, effective stabilization and turnaround solutions, please reach out to us here.